How to Photograph People – 10 Tips Guaranteed to Improve Your Party Photos

Photography is a great thing to do either as a hobby or as a serious profession and some of the most interesting photographs contain people. However, photographing people can be a great thing to do and can take you far in the world of photography, but they can also be difficult to photograph and many people feel intimidated when they are doing so. There can be pressure to take photos of people in different situations and it is therefore a good idea to practice so that you can get the best images in those situations where you will need to photograph an individual. In this article we will outline 10 tips that you can use if you wish to get the best photos of individuals.

portrait photographyHave a priority mode on the aperture

Having this setting selected will mean that you can control the depth of field easily and this will mean that you can photograph people who may be moving around so that your end result will be one that is crisp and effective.

Consider a longer type of lens

A longer type of lens will help you when you’re taking photos of small groups of people and will help to determine the depth of field so that you get a more pleasing look when carrying out the portraits.

Photographing individuals compared to photographing groups of people

If you want to photograph an individual, it is a good idea to use a wide open style lens and have the aperture on its widest setting so that you can create a blur in the background and a crisp view of the individual.

Bring the environment to life with a wide angle lens

Some individuals choose to use a wide angle lens when they want to incorporate the background into the shot. This can create a great overall look and will also include lots of detail into the shot.

Talk with the individual

It is a good idea to communicate with the individual that you are shooting, so that you can make them feel relaxed and natural within their environment.

Take some practice shots and show them to your subject

This can be a good way in which to get your subject excited. Take some practice shots beforehand and then show them so they can see what the finished picture may look like.

Give directions on the individual

If you choose to shoot portraits or capture wedding photographs, it may be important to consider the style of giving directions to your subject and suggesting that they do certain things so as to get the best possible shot.

poseFind a good pose and then work it

When you are shooting a person, once you find a good pose try different angles and keep working it until you get the perfect shot.

Keep your camera at all times and be ready for that moment

The perfect moment can happen at any time and it is therefore a good idea to keep your camera with you wherever you go.

Don’t be afraid to stop strangers in the street

Sometimes the best subjects are those that you don’t even know. Stopping someone in the street and asking to photograph them can be a great way in which to practice.