Hello Everyone, and welcome to f.LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY.

Welcome to my pictures, my loves, my life

photographer-428388_640This is the home to the photography of Frank Love. f.LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY is about documenting moments, events, and people in a way that is natural and true. all photographs on this website are untouched by photoshop. it is my philosophy to get as much as I can in camera, as a photographer, not to merely create a canvas for which to be painted on with a computer.

I am an analog photographer…this means I shoot Film. I state this to make a point about a belief that artists should choose the tools they use for their own reasons, not marketing and hype. that and I don’t want there to be confusion about what is what on my site. I am not against digital for the people who want it, but film works best for me in shooting, gear, and post.

if you would like to contact me for any photographic and film related queries or comments please visit the contact information page.

All photographs on this site are ©Frank Love (some ‘movie’ photos © not held).